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You should have received a personal email from our Affiliate Manager, with all the information you need to log into your affiliate account and access your unique affiliate link. If you did not receive this email or need assistance locating it, please contact us at: affiliates@eatwithsoul.com. PLEASE NOTE: You WILL NOT use your unique affiliate link until prompted on July 21st, when registration for the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community opens. When the time comes (around July 20th), we will let you know exactly when and how to send out the link to your tribe. Until then, we will be providing you with all the materials and customizable emails you need to give your list access to Maureen's free book offers and free training videos. Read below for more information. 

Promotional Email Copy

Promotion for the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community starts on July 12th with the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer. By emailing your tribe about this offer, followed by the Free Video Training Series from Maureen, you will be providing them with truly valuable content that has the potential to change their lives. This, in itself, is a major gift they will love you for! But what's more, this content will familiarize your list with the integrity of Maureen's work and set you up for high conversions when registration for the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community opens on July 21st.

Here's an outline of the process to come:

  • 1

    Send an email to your followers on July 12th to tell them about the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer (the pre-cursor to the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community).

  • 2

    Send an email to your followers on July 14th reminding them that the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer is ending soon.

  • 3

    Send out emails beginning on July 15th, giving your followers the links to each video in the Free Video Training Series from Maureen that reveals the simple secret to ending their dieting struggles forever (this is available to everyone, whether they got a free book or not).

  • 4

    Send an email on July 21st providing your followers with the link to a fourth, surprise bonus video that not only offers more valuable content building on the last three videos from Maureen, but that also introduces them to the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community. This is also the program registration page. The link you use in this email will be YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK. From this point forward, anyone who follows your link to the program registration page and then signs up for a membership will earn YOU a commission.

Again, we will be walking you through every step of this process by providing you with example emails, along with prompts for exactly when to send them. We ask only that you customize this copy to be in your own voice, and to appeal to your specific audience. Those who do so will see higher conversions from their promotions! 

Also, please make sure you use your unique affiliate link ONLY when registration opens on July 21st. The link will not work prior to this date, and using it may confuse your followers. 

Only credited affiliate links qualify for commissions. If you should choose, the option to shorten/disguise your affiliate link will be provided to you directly in your affiliate account. 

IMPORTANT – Changes you need to make to our example email copy before sending:

  • Replace {NAME} at the beginning of the email with the relevant merge tags your email system uses
  • Choose one of the subject line examples that you feel best suits your list, or write a new one of your own
  • Test all the hyperlinks in your email to make sure they work properly, and remove the link prompts in red brackets
  • Replace {Insert Your Personal SIGN-OFF/signature} with your own sign off so it feels like you!

Provided below are two examples of the customizable emails we will be sending you throughout the launch. As shown below, we may provide you with more than one example for each mailing so that you have multiple options to work with!

After the second email below you will also find an image of Food: A Love Story to download and use in your emails promoting the Free Book Offer.

1 (a). Free Book Offer Email - Short Copy


  1. [Free Book] Food: A Love Story – A Modern Day Parable for Anyone Who Eats
  2. Don’t Miss this Free Book Offer
  3. [Food: A Love Story] awesome free book!
  4. Last call to get Free Food book!


Dear {NAME},

They say "you are what you eat".

So what if you eat with consciousness and love? 

That's exactly what my friend, the award-winning and #1 best selling author Maureen Whitehouse, has written about in her new book Food: A Love Story.

This book is the kind that will not only change lives, but start a world-wide movement.

I'm so excited to share Food: A Love Story with you. Especially because right now, for a very short time, you can get a copy for FREE! Just follow the link below, and you can get a paperback copy sent to you for ONLY the cost of shipping/handling...

Yes, I want to claim my free book now! {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com} 

While many people look for spiritual enlightenment in churches, temples, ashrams and other holy places, Food: A Love Story reveals how we can all find it at every mealtime, right on our plates. It's a path to liberation around food, but it requires no drudgery, no unrealistic methods or strict rules. No measuring, weighing, or calorie counting. Instead, this engaging and transformational tale simply leads you to discover what fulfills you most, at a Soul level. 

Grab your free copy of Food: A Love Story now while this great promotion lasts. And when you do, Maureen will send you a video training series worth thousands of dollars, also for free! I know, sounds too good to be true... but believe me, it isn't! :)

Get Food: A Love Story for just the cost of shipping+handling, plus Maureen's free video training worth thousands {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}


{Insert Your Personal SIGN-OFF/signature}


PS: I love having the privilege of sharing opportunities like this with you that I know can truly change your life.

PPS: I think you’re really going to LOVE this book. {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}

1 (b). Free Book Offer Email - Long Copy


  1. [Food!] Free Awesome Book…  
  2. [Free!] Beautiful New Book for Food Lovers Everywhere
  3. [Free Book Offer] Food: A Love Story
  4. Last Call to get Maureen Whitehouse’s new book free
  5. Don’t Miss this FREE Food Lovers Event
  6. [Free Book!] Food for your Soul



Once in awhile, a book comes out that not only changes lives but begins a movement. This book is one of them…

What if you could end all of your struggles with food and stop dieting forever while discovering what nourishes and fulfills you most – at a soul level?

You actually can! Thanks to my good friend Maureen Whitehouse, who shows us how to do exactly that with her new book, Food: A Love Story. And today I'm really excited to let you know you can get a FREE copy! Just read on for details.

If you don’t know Maureen already, she is the author of the award-winning, #1 best selling book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness. That first book of Maureen’s (touted as “the pre-eminent resource on eco-spiritual nutrition”) preceded the food movement that is taking the world by storm today.

Now, with Food: A Love Story, Maureen reveals that we don't need to look for spiritual enlightenment in churches, temples, ashrams and other holy places... you can actually find it at every mealtime, right on your plate.

While reading this engaging, transformational tale, you will learn that what and how you eat actually reflects your beliefs about love, fear and your entire life. It's an incredible read, and even more incredible is Maureen's special, limited-time offer...

In order to celebrate the release of Food: A Love Story, Maureen is giving away free paperback copies! That's a $19.95 value for JUST the cost of shipping and handling. She's only offing this crazy deal for a short time, so you definitely want to act fast to take advantage of it. Use the link below to check it out now!

Get a Paperback Copy of Maureen’s Phenomenal Book, Food: A Love Story for FREE (You Only Pay for Shipping and Handling!) {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}

Here’s what Maureen writes about her book:

“Food: A Love Story is an adventure in consciousness in the form of a fictional narrative – similar to The Alchemist or Peaceful Warrior. It centers on a woman named Kate who, sick of herself, declares on page one, ‘I’m done!’ Little does she know, her journey out of compulsive patterns and yo-yo dieting into ultimate self-love and satisfaction has just begun.

“While reading this profound parable, you may laugh or cry, but you will certainly cheer Kate on as she is guided to wholeness by a strange and somewhat mysterious mentor. This candid, honest examination stirs her soul to life, laying bare and upending her compulsions in a way that allows them to gently and triumphantly fall away. For the first time, Kate learns to approach her life with love, awareness and tenderness. Her courage and vulnerability will inevitably spark your very own.”

Food: A Love Story is the culmination of Maureen’s last 20 years of work with people in wellness, psychology, spirituality and awareness. It offers not only an engaging narrative, but expert tools like down to earth exercises and meditations. All of this, artfully assembled by Maureen to help you learn how to savor life, contact the sacred, see the miraculous in the mundane and respect, nourish and cherish your body like never before – from the inside out.

AND best of all, this path to liberation around food requires no drudgery, no unrealistic methods or strict rules. No measuring, weighing, or calorie counting. 

Have you Ever…

  • Quit a diet that you swore you’d stick to, feeling defeated and self-loathing?
  • Triumphantly reached your dieting goals, only to yo-yo back to your original weight, while frantically trying to control your fluctuating waistline?
  • Thought, "Will I ever be able to sit down and really enjoy a guilt-free meal with family and friends?"
  • Felt frustrated and confused by the hundreds of diet "plans" and "experts" all with their own, often contradictory, methods of achieving the perfect body?
  • Grown sick of listening to other people tell you how you should eat, exercise and look?

Even if you're at your ideal weight now, how would you like to finally feel absolutely terrific in your own skin?  Food: A Love Story addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your entire life.

Get your FREE copy of Food: A Love Story now, while the special offer lasts! {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}


Here's just a sampling of what just some luminaries have said about Maureen’s work…

“Maureen Whitehouse is an enchanting writer – each sentence she writes is a delicious feast of conscious living that leaves the reader thoroughly satisfied. She helps people to awaken to the simple but life-changing choices we all have when it comes to living a healthy and passionate life. Thanks so much Maureen for being such a bright light of practical wisdom!”
~ Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Author, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

“Outstanding! This will fill you with Soul.”
~Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, New York Times #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Food is energy. When you absolutely love what you are eating, when your food resonates with your Soul’s hunger, an uplifting energy infuses you that is as important as the vitamins the food contains. This book brings soul to the ways you nourish your body.”
~ Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Authors, Energy Medicine

Find out what all the buzz is about, and get your copy of Food: A Love Story for FREE today! You only pay shipping and handling! {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}


{Insert Your Personal SIGN-OFF/signature}


P.S. Maureen is only offering this deal during her book launch, so you have to act fast if you don't want to miss it. Be sure to get your copy of Food: A Love Story now while free copies are still available.

P.P.S. I have so many people in my life who I know would benefit from the practical wisdom in Maureen's book, and I bet you do too! Go ahead and spread the word by telling all the loved ones in your life about this offer.

Follow This Link to Get Your Copy of Food: A Love Story for ONLY the Cost of Shipping and Handling! {← Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}


Social Media Networking

The following are examples of social media posts that you can use to promote the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer to your online followers. Feel free to copy and paste them as they are, or tweak them to reflect your personal voice. Whatever way feels the most genuine to you!

NOTE: These social media posts are for the first phase of our promotion only - the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer beginning on July 12th. After the Free Book Offer ends on July 14th, we will let you know when to use your favorite social media platforms to promote the Free Video Series from Maureen and then the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community (using YOUR unique affiliate link!). 


  • What are you really hungry for? At a soul level you know…
    Discover how your relationship to food is inseparable from your relationship to the soul with Food: A Love Story, the latest book from award-winning, #1 best selling author Maureen Whitehouse. With this special link, you can get a paperback copy for FREE + shipping! Order yours now while the limited-time offer lasts: {Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}
  • The award-winning, #1 best selling author Maureen Whitehouse has just released her latest book Food: A Love Story. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, body image or self-esteem, this book is an absolute must read… And to celebrate it’s release, Maureen is giving away paperback copies for FREE! You only pay for shipping+handling. Take my word for it, this isn’t an opportunity you want to miss (because if you don’t get the free copy now, you’ll probably end up buying it later)! Act quick and grab your copy of Food: A Love Story here: {Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}
  • Every once in awhile a book comes along that not only makes a profound impact on lives, but begins a movement. This book is one of them... Food: A Love Story, the latest release from award-winning and #1 best selling author Maureen Whitehouse, is now available and I can’t recommend it enough! Plus, to celebrate the book release, she’s actually giving away a limited number of paperback copies for free! Give yourself an incredible gift and join the movement by claiming your copy here: {Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}
  • Amazing offer alert! The award-winning, #1 best selling author Maureen Whitehouse has just released her latest book Food: A Love Story, and she’s celebrating by giving away FREE copies! (You only pay the shipping and handling fee.) Follow this link to get a free copy now, and learn how to “eat your way to enlightenment” {Insert Link to eatwithsoul.com}


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We recommend using the banners provided in the zip file below to promote The Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community to your audience and followers beginning on July 21st (but NOT earlier). When program registration opens on that day, you can display the banner of your choice on your homepage and link it with your unique affiliate link for the duration of the registration period. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you USE YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK with the banners when you display them to the public. You MUST do this in order for us to be able to track your sales and pay you.

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