Do you serve people who are hungry for spiritual evolution? Then please consider joining as an affiliate to share an opportunity to help seekers find spiritual fulfillment using food as a focus.  And when you help share the love, we'll share a generous commission.


If this opportunity interests you... Here's more information on our Affiliate Program from the Desk of Maureen Whitehouse, the luminary and award winning, best-selling author behind this unique offering.

Dear Friend,

I am very happy to announce that I am offering a powerful new approach to eating (and life) modeled after the teachings in my award-winning, best selling book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness and its newly released companion book, Food: A Love Story.

This is information that I believe men and women across the globe are craving. 

On the page below you'll find all the details you need about this new offering, including how you can personally become an important part of it and help me change the lives of  people worldwide - starting with your very own online followers.  

Before you read on, I want you to know that I have the best interest of your tribe at heart. I've worked with individuals one-to-one for the past 20+ years, helping them to transcend challenge, transition and change in all areas of their lives. An important aspect of this work has been to address the difficulties so many people face in their quest to transcend dieting woes and finally attain a healthy relationship to food.

The information in my books, and now in the offer you'll read about below, is the distillation of my work with thousands of people who I have personally guided out of painful past experiences, into lives more fulfilling, healthful and free than they ever imagined was possible. 

This approach teaches how to, once and for all, Stop Counting Calories, Carbs and Pounds, and Count your Blessings instead!

I would like you to help me spread the word about this  opportunity, so that it reaches all the people out there who need it.

Together we can turn this into an  event that will be anticipated year after year... And with the utmost gratitude for your help, I can't wait to reward you with a 30% commission.

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Support your followers in offering them a new & revelatory approach to health and wellbeing
  • Share the liberating free information from this event with your online community
  • Help people around the world find a loving, whole relationship with food that impacts them on every level of their lives

Here's how it's going to work...

What is this event and product?

This event is an online program & community launch, preceded by a free book giveaway. The first email you will send to your tribe offers them exceptional value with Maureen's Free Book Offer. Her book Food: A Love Story  retails at $19.95, but with this offer they will receive an ebook copy for Free.  Next, as a gift for considering that free book offer, they will be given Three Bonus Videos featuring Maureen. These revelatory, information-packed videos will have them well on the way to transcending their dieting woes for good, and seeing mealtime as a sacred opportunity for profound transformation. This video series took over a year to write and produce because Maureen wanted it to present valuable content as well as a genuine taste of the profound banquet she's prepared for your followers in her main offering...

The Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community.


The Food: A Love Story Online Program & Community is the live 7 week online course and membership site being launched with this offer. During this program, your subscribers will attend Weekly Live Webinar Sessions and Q&As with Maureen, one of the world’s clearest and most engaging thought leaders. Through these intimate webinars, they will be empowered to find liberation from food fears while opening themselves up to true love – the love of themselves. It's an immersive, nurturing experience that will have your tribe feeling gratitude for a long time.

Each of the weekly live webinar sessions will be recorded and posted in the beautiful, user-friendly Food: A Love Story Membership Site, along with a host of other course materials and important resources.

From session to session, Maureen uses the deliciously engaging metaphor of a farm-to-table experience in order to guide program participants out of past traumas and into a peaceful, entirely loving relationship with food. The Food: A Love Story Online Program & Community is both insightful and accessible, making it the #1 place for breakthroughs in overcoming dieting woes and eating obsessions for good. 

How will you earn commissions?

Whenever someone purchases a membership to the Food: A Love Story Online Program & Community via your referral, you will earn a 30% commission. 

Here's a breakdown of how your subscribers will participate in the program:


When your subscriber purchases a Core Membership, they will receive access to these benefits:

  • The beautiful and user-friendly Food: A Love Story Membership Site
  • The Food: A Love Story 7 week Online Program which includes Weekly Live Webinar Sessions and Q&As with Maureen (all recorded and available for download on the membership site)
  • The Community Forums, including a unique Recipe Sharing Forum
  • Five complimentary Bonus Gifts that are exclusive to this offer and not available anywhere else

What are the commissions? 

We want to offer attractive affiliate commissions for the Food: A Love Story Online  Program & Community. Here's a breakdown of exactly what you'll be getting:


Price: $397

Your 30% Commission: $119

What do I have to do?

This is an ongoing enrollment of a hybrid class. The core 7 + teaching (one bonus week) are pre-recorded with a weekly drip delivery. Maureen will also be teaching 2 live Q & A classes happening monthly. So promotion for the Food: A Love Story Online Program & Community can happen anytime, beginning you sending your community the  Food: A Love Story Free Ebook Offer.
All you have to do is send out one or two emails to your subscribers letting them know about the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer and once they opt in they will automatically receive 4 powerful teaching videos and an offer to join the Food: A Love Story Online Program & Community.  We will provide you with the easily customizable sample emails. 

  • 1

    Send an email to your followers to tell them about the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer (the pre-cursor to the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community).

  • 2

    Send an email to your followers reminding them that the Food: A Love Story Free Book Offer is ending soon.

  • 3

    If desired you can also send out emails beginning on July 15th, giving your followers the links to each video in the Free Video Series from Maureen that reveals the simple secret to ending their dieting struggles forever (this is available to everyone, whether they got a free book or not).

  • 4

    Enjoy having your community be well-served as you receive a generous commission

Banner Options

We have attractive banners for advertising the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community on your site once registration opens on July 21st (but NOT earlier). You will be provided with a variety of size options to download and directions on how to best use them when that time comes!


Let's recap why this is an easy, smart promotion that will benefit both you and your subscribers...

  • Our team has a proven track record of successfully producing online programs
  • Our brand is tied to an award-winning, #1 best selling book, Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness which has instant name recognition
  • You'll earn great commissions on sales of the program
  • Your subscribers will LOVE our free, 3-part video series with Maureen who is a powerful, seasoned teacher (and who is currently a teaching fellow at Harvard, as well as a veteran media professional)
  • You will play an integral role in serving those who want to attain optimum health and wellbeing while enjoying a profound spiritual path.
  • You'll be able to say that you gave an opportunity to your tribe to do something extraordinary - learn how food can be a profound spiritual path and vehicle to experience the Ultimate Fulfillment.

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