Module 8:  Bonus

Coming Full Circle

This is a Special Meditation Initiation for Food: A Love Story Participants Only

  • This meditation is a special gift to you from Maureen for your committed participation in the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community.
  • It is a Sacred Teaching. Meant only to be imparted to others by an Acharya of the Kriya Yoga Tradition.
  • It has been handed down, via a lineage, by word-of-mouth throughout time. If you feel you would ever like to share it with friends or loved ones, please refer them to Maureen to learn it from her first hand. Please do not impart it yourself. That is against the dictates of the lineage and considered dishonoring of the teaching and lineage.
  • Practice it with the commitment and reverence it deserves.
  • If you have any questions please contact Maureen with them directly.
  • Go in Grace...
  • You are Blessed

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