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Welcome to the Food: A Love Story Online Community!

You’ve Done it!

You’ve joined the ranks of the astounding evolutionaries ready to eat their way to enlightenment.

I want to extend a very warm welcome to you and to thank you

for joining our community of food-loving luminaries. I am elated that you are now part of the Food: A Love Story 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating Online Program and Community. 

This program is based on ancient wisdom, the latest science, my own learning over the past 18+ years, and the sincere and soul-centered feedback given to me from my miraculous community. Now you are a part of that community! Congratulations for making this leap in consciousness. You are in for the time of your life.

During this program you will enjoy the experience of evolving past empty cravings, excess weight and emotional baggage to magnetize a life full of love. But you will be experiencing so much more than that. You will discover the inherent miracles and graces available to us via food on a day-to-day basis that are unlike anything that any other vehicle in our lives can offer.

My team and I are deeply inspired by the audacity and wisdom you’ve demonstrated by signing up for this powerful course. We stand with you and for you and are 100% committed to your success, as well as to your very joy and delight as you experience this glorious path.

This Food: a Love Story Membership Site and Online Community is your home for the next 7+ weeks. It’s here you will find opportunities to meet, greet and engage with your magnificent fellow course participants, as well as links to all of the important resources you will need such as: recorded course sessions and Q&A calls, bonus materials, instructions on how best to participate and other material that we will provide along the way to help you live your very best, full-bodied life with senses alive!

I cannot wait to share this experience of getting to know one another better as we embark upon this miraculous journey.

Abundant Blessings,



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