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At the core of this comprehensive online program and community is Maureen’s book Food: A Love Story. When you enroll as a member in the program, this transformative 30-day parable is utilized as a course text. The dialogue therein between Kate, the main character of the story, and her mentor – an unassuming spiritual master – serve as the backbone of the 7 week course, and will help guide the deeper discussions that Maureen facilitates each week.

Now with this special bonus, you have the option of getting every chapter of Food: A Love Story delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. This convenient option allows you to choose your own starting date – before, during or even after the 7-week course with Maureen – so you can savor this profound wisdom in palatable, bite-size morsels at a time that best suites you and your schedule. Then, like a voyeur, you will travel the journey to wholeness right alongside Kate, learning from her wise mentor just as she does and applying each of her revelations to your own life day-by-day.  Accompanying each daily chapter, just like in the book, you will also receive a brief reading or “Something to Chew On” that drives home that day’s lesson, as well as a “Soul-Full Eating Exercise” that will encourage you to immediately put to practice what you have learned.

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