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Have you ever quit a diet that you swore you’d stick to, feeling defeated or self-loathing?

Have you triumphantly reached your dieting goals, only to yo-yo back to your original weight?

Are you sick of listening to other people tell you how you should eat, exercise and look?

The Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community is not a magic pill or a "get-skinny-quick" scheme. It requires no drudgery, no unrealistic methods, no strict rules or even calorie counting.

What it does require is that you “show up” to your own life, fully and consciously, for 8 weeks. In those two months, you will free yourself from the dieting hamster wheel and discover a self-love so deep that it has the power to transform you physically and spiritually.

Created and hosted by spiritual teacher Maureen Whitehouse, the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community exists to gather, inspire and support soul-seekers from around the world.

All from the comfort of home.

Here’s what some of the awesome alums of our program have to say about it...

I love how this course has nothing to do with food and yet everything to do with food. I now see VERY tangibly how eating is absolutely a viable and direct path to enlightenment. What an opportunity so many people are missing. Simply amazing and revelatory. I now naturally eat with a degree of Self-awareness, love and presence that I never knew was possible. I have no words for the impact this course with Maureen has made on my life!  

Lynn C.

This course went beyond my expectations. What integrity, wholeness and true healing of the highest order Maureen brings to each and every class. I am deeply touched by the personal response and interest Maureen has shown me in this course. I feel seen, heard and worthy of attention.  

As a person who had struggled with disordered eating and with varying manifestations of that off and on for many years, Maureen’s work has touched me profoundly. It's a deeper, richer approach to healing on all levels... Maureen shares her wisdom on a practical plane, but she also uses food as a metaphor and shows us how focusing our awareness on our true identity, our truly loving nature, is the source of our greatest nourishment, and a full-filling life. I cannot thank Maureen enough!

Wendy R.

Maureen has put together a truly enjoyable and deeply effective course that will immensely enhance your relationship to food, life and spirituality. Anyone and everyone could benefit from this course actually - it doesn't matter whether you have food "issues" or not, because it's simply an entry point into greater awareness.

Robyn V.

After experiencing Food: A Love Story I feel more connection to the planet and a renewed sense of purpose. Each week of the course built upon the last, and the final week brought them all to a level I didn’t expect and felt surprised and blessed to experience. I love the quotes and resources, and I especially appreciated the meditations...

This course has what other teachers, movies and books, can't even touch. Maureen imparts wisdom like no one I've ever known, in a way that is so easy to understand and use in every day life.

Lisa H.

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