A Parable:
The Hidden Grace in Obstacles

In this video, discover how important it is to follow your heart and your dreams to fruition, no matter how great the obstacles you may find in your path...

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The Soul-Full Eating Personal Assessment Survey

How would you like to take an up-close and personal, guilt-free look at your eating habits and patterns? Taking these good, long looks at ourselves to objectively observe what, how and when we eat the foods we do, allows for us to get to know and love ourselves better. This survey is an all-embracing and in-depth look at yourself. When you show up to it honestly and with a truly open heart, you are guaranteed to learn a lot about both your relationship to food and your life as a whole. This is the perfect way to kick-start your involvement in the Food: A Love Story Program and Community because it will put into perspective where you are now, and wet your appetite for the enlightening journey that is yet to come.

The Food: A Love Story Membership Site and Online Community

All participants get unlimited access to the Food: A Love Story Membership Site and Online Community. This is an incredible opportunity, because you will be able to connect and interact with members like yourself from around the world. Here you can also find exclusive course materials, ask questions, get updates and even receive unprecedented support from Maureen herself throughout the 7 week course. With thousands of other like-minded souls walking this path beside you, you need never feel alone or lost in the process! They and Maureen are here to open-heartedly receive you, support you, encourage you to get through the rough spots and, most importantly, to rejoice in your success!

A Welcome Orientation Video from Maureen Whitehouse

As soon as you sign up, you will have immediate access to a welcome video from Maureen that introduces you to the entire program. You will learn how and where to access all of the powerful information contained in the  membership site, as well as how to take full advantage of the community discussion forums. Maureen acts as your personal guide on this engaging tour, walking you through everything you need to know to have an exceptional experience as a member of the Food: A Love Story Program and Online Community. Sit back, relax and become familiar with all the logistics of this exciting program!

The Soul-Full Eating Recipe Forum

This is no ordinary online recipe sharing experience. The Soul-Full Eating Recipe Forum calls together the brilliant hearts and minds of our 7-week course participants from all over the world to share sumptuous recipes that all have one main ingredient in common: love. This is the perfect place to put into practice the Soul-Full Eating axiom, Eat with Love What’s Grown with Love, Prepared with Love and Served with Love. Here you will discover how other members of the Food: A Love Story Community mix, bake and sauté love into their favorite dishes, while also sharing the recipes that most profoundly typify love to you. Opening our hearts to one another via this shared love of food is a fun, enlightening and most delicious brand of communion that can satisfy the hunger within all of us for tangible connection. Get involved, awaken your creativity and discover first-hand how miraculously delicious a meal prepared with love can be.

Weekly LIVE Course Sessions Facilitated by Maureen

Maureen personally teaches these 7 course sessions, taking you step-by-step through the core principles of the Food: A Love Story awakening process. She will support and guide you toward realizing and releasing your inner barriers, enabling you to live a life full of self-nourishment and love. These powerful sessions reflect the 30 day dialog on awakening between Kate and her mentor in Maureen’s narrative book, Food: A Love Story. What sets the course apart, however, is that it delves far deeper into the topic than even the book itself can, addressing your specific questions along the way. In other words, this full-emersion, comprehensive course takes the revelatory journey of Food: A Love Story to a whole new level. Through these profound course sessions, your limiting beliefs and self-defeating habits will give way to quite possibly the most tangible experience of awakening you have ever encountered.

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions and Q&A with Maureen

In these group mentoring sessions, Maureen fully engages with the course participants by speaking one-to-one with those who volunteer. She will answer specific questions relevant to the course material, as well as offer "hot seats" (Maureen's signature talent) and case studies that dramatically illustrate how current and former students' challenges can be turned into triumphs and success. If you feel you can use specific guidance along the way to your personal liberation, these sessions are the key. Guaranteed to take you deeper into the course materials, they will help you to better embrace and embody the impactful principles of the Food: A Love Story Program.

Optional LIVE Small Group Interactive Sessions

Through the miracle of technology, it is not only possible to break the large Food: A Love Story classes into smaller, more intimate groups on the community forum, but we can also break into small groups during the live calls. Utilizing Maestro teleconferencing technology, our course participants will have an experience similar to that of a breakout session at a traditional in-person conference, in which you listen to the main speaker on stage and then turn your chair around to gather into small clusters with like-minded supportive souls and engage in conversation based on the topic.

With this extraordinary web conferencing format you will be able to:

  • Share personal stories or viewpoints and have an opportunity to reflect
  • Experience more intimate conversations that give you the capacity to better articulate what you're truly passionate about, and at times share those thoughts with the large group
  • Interact directly with Maureen, who has the ability, when appropriate, to listen into the small-group discussions while participants are actively engaged in the course topics
  • Create new and lasting relationships that feel valuable and worth continuing beyond the conversation

This may very well be your favorite part of the course as you will engage with brilliant beings from all over the globe!


BONUS: New Release! Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse (a $297 Value)

Be Clear, Cleansed and Conscious in 7 Days
You will find all the tools you need in this comprehensive cleansing manual to harness the power of Spirit to turn your life around physically, mentally and emotionally. The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse is an essential day-by-day map that outlines exactly how to get healthy, flush out toxins and create a balanced lifestyle that lasts. It is safe and powerful for all people in any stage of life, and can be worked into even the busiest schedules. Whether you are looking to lose weight, enhance your spiritual development or just feel more healthy on a daily basis, the invaluable information contained in this cleanse (including activities, rituals, meditations and lots of delicious, healthy recipes) can help you do it. Strengthen your Spirit, clear your mind and purify your body... All in the span of one week!

BONUS: Breathe Deep MP3

The Secret to Losing Weight and Firming Your Belly Just by Breathing
In this beautiful MP3 recording, Maureen imparts an ancient meditation for cleansing the body's “power center”, which she learned from Buddhist monks while on a pilgrimage in Tibet. If this center, located at our third chakra (the belly), is out of balance or working improperly, we experience problems such as: persistent digestive troubles and even ulcers, lack of energy or the willpower to complete our goals, blaming other people for our problems, a constant need to win coupled with the inability to be a team player, trouble with establishing healthy boundaries for ourselves and the inability to say no.

With this meditation you will not only have an easier time of eating what is uniquely perfect for you in just the right amounts, but you will also feel empowered to live the miraculous life you have always deserved to live. Once you learn this technique you will want to practice it every day.

BONUS: The 30 Day Food: A Love Story Email Program

Daily Guidance and Inspiration Delivered Right to Your Inbox
At the core of this comprehensive online program and community is Maureen’s book Food: A Love Story. When you enroll as a member in the program, this transformative 30-day parable is utilized as a course text. The dialogue therein between Kate, the main character of the story, and her mentor – an unassuming spiritual master – serve as the backbone of the 7 week course, and will help guide the deeper discussions that Maureen facilitates each week.

Now with this special bonus, you have the option of getting every chapter of Food: A Love Story delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. This convenient option allows you to choose your own starting date – before, during or even after the 7-week course with Maureen – so you can savor this profound wisdom in palatable, bite-size morsels at a time that best suites you and your schedule. Then, like a voyeur, you will travel the journey to wholeness right alongside Kate, learning from her wise mentor just as she does and applying each of her revelations to your own life day-by-day.  Accompanying each daily chapter, just like in the book, you will also receive a brief reading or “Something to Chew On” that drives home that day’s lesson, as well as a “Soul-Full Eating Exercise” that will encourage you to immediately put to practice what you have learned.

BONUS: Special Report, 5 Ways to Eat Anything (Even Junk Food) to Lose Weight

An Eye-Opening Read, with Steps You Can Implement Immediately
It’s True! You can eat anything – including forbidden "junk foods” like snack cakes and chips – to lose weight. This grounded, profoundly impactful Special Report from Maureen examines a surprising scholarly study to help put your own eating habits into perspective. It addresses five ways to give up the guilt that keeps you feeling weighed down and defeated, and reveals exactly how you can eat the foods you love without gaining any unwanted excess weight. Love yourself no matter what's on your plate!

BONUS: Special Report, The Seven Most Intelligent Foods

Food For Thought – Literally!
We often think about food as nourishing to the body, but have you considered that food is also irreplaceable in nourishing the mind? In this report you will discover the 7 foods that can promote an alert, focused and present state of mind (along with a few that you might consider leaving off your plate to maximize brain power). When incorporated into your daily diet, these foods can afford you peak performance in all circumstances – whether it's being bright in the classroom, quick on your feet in a business meeting or more present and aware at home around the ones you love.

You deserve to finally feed your hunger for more in life...

Love yourself, nurture your Soul and discover the sublime in your everyday encounters with food.

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Here's What You'll learn In The 7 Weekly Course Sessions

Week 1

Preparing the Soil of your mind

Weeding Out Negative Beliefs and False Identities 

  • Why letting go – the “weeding out” and “preparing the soil” of your inner garden – is such a critical step to spiritual growth and satisfaction, and the three things you can do now to become a master at it
  • The one shift you can make to propel you into the deeper realms of Spirit and Soul so you can experience eating as a divine gift of provision and care
  • How to take all the complication out of your relationship with food, allowing you to make the wise choices that enable self-love and deeper fulfillment in life
  • Learn how to root out the false identities, fears and beliefs that have been unconsciously motivating your behaviors and let them go forever
  • How to Give up the anxiety around food to allow it to become a true source of pleasure
  • Common mistakes we make when approaching food and nourishment and the profound difference between a spiritual approach to food and a traditional approach
  • Discover how to experience emptiness as a divine precursor to beauty and Soul-satisfaction that allows your unlimited potential to blossom effortlessly

Week 2

Sowing the Seeds of Your Best Life

Meditative Awareness, Radical Honesty and Affirmative Action

  • The one shift you can make now that will exponentially elevate your consciousness and have a lasting impact on the quality of your life
  • The most common mistake we make when visualizing our best life and how we can immediately expand our vision for ourselves to one that is far more satisfying
  • How to reclaim your right to receive love, care, respect, nurturance and honoring as a natural and welcomed part of your life
  • How learning to heartily welcome and receive more can free you from compulsive eating patterns and from attracting unloving and unfulfilling relationships
  • Discover what a miraculous seed thought is and how to consciously plant them to magnetize your best life
  • How dieting – the “forbidden fruit” syndrome – subconsciously prompts the need for you to “be better” by requiring that you control and deny desires
  • A proven technique to cultivate a receptive heart and mind that allows you to be inspired, passionate and live a life that is fully open to grace

Week 3

Fertilizing Your Dreams    

Cultivating and Nurturing Sacred Space and Simple Pleasures  

  • Why committing to self-nurturing acts of kindness is key to living a liberated life
  • How to “fertilize” your dreams so you can experience the Miraculous in your life on a day-to-day basis
  • Uncover the common mistakes that keep you from discovering the “blissful” place of food in your life
  • Surprising and effective ways to resolve the conflicts at the root of overeating
  • How to live in a world of abundant pleasures other than food
  • Learn a constructive, non-judgmental form of self-evaluation to avoid years and years of hard work on yourself
  • How to stop trying to let go of your destructive patterns and self-defeating behaviors to instead have them let you go!

Week 4

The Harvest: Reaping What You Sow

Activating Magnetic Receptivity

  • Finding God in the supermarket
  • How to partner with the Divine to magnetically attract into your life the most fulfilling experiences and Soul-satisfying relationships
  • The three practices that allow you to relax and feel as though you’re “doing nothing” as you reap the harvest
  • Mastering the art of conscious selection - picking and choosing experiences (including the foods you eat) that offer deep satisfaction and nourishment
  • Wholesome, efficient ways to achieve meaningful goals
  • Be able to intuitively discern what foods promote superior physical, mental, vital and emotional wellbeing for your unique body
  • How to stop using food as a crutch or substitute for handling unpleasant emotions

Week 5

Preparing the Table, Preparing the Meal

Being Aware, Present and Creative in the Entirety of Your Life

  • The secret to feeding the Soul and feeling fulfilled even before ever taking a bite
  • Cultivating a new vision for your life as you realize and experience that the seemingly commonplace and mundane is in fact inseparably bound with the transcendent
  • Discover connectivity and communion as you practice the basics of transcendent and “whole body” awareness while preparing food
  • How to set a place at the table that draws us nearer to the Divine
  • Ecstatic eating experiences – Learn the 7 key ingredients of every fulfilling meal
  • How meal preparation can propel you into the Heart of God

Week 6

Spirit Partake

Life As a Banquet: Enjoying the Bounty and Abiding in Grace

  • The connection between nourishment and nirvana – eating as an ecstatic experience
  • The #1 mistake we make when choosing what to eat and why it keeps us craving for more
  • Why the way we eat reveals so much about our core beliefs and how to use that knowledge to attain liberation
  • Can a bar of chocolate can be holy? Listening to your body’s hunger signals to distinguish between “forbidden foods” and those you really do want
  • The dynamics of Mind-less vs. Mind-full Eating
  • How to feed a hungry heart – recognizing the difference between physical, emotional and spiritual hungers
  • Stop the binges that harm your emotional and physical health, and break free of yo-yo dieting cycles for good
  • How to go from simply hoping you will one day have a healthy relationship with food to effortlessly mastering that reality now
  • Finally! Feel blessed and fulfilled with every bite, and uncover a sense of satisfaction that goes way beyond a full belly

Week 7

The Grace, the Gratitude and the Garbage

Coming Full Circle...

  • Eating as a love letter to life
  • A hunger deeper than the need for food – how eating together can bring healing to those with eating disorders
  • The many places and ways we can experience sacramental eating in our everyday lives
  • How to make wise choices for a sustainable world that transform meals into an expression of community, generosity and love for ourselves and our neighbors
  • Amazing Grace – the many unexpected ways in which food draws us closer to God, community and creation, making us aware of the circle of life
  • Composting as a metaphor – how loving your “garbage” is a profound way to come full circle and experience heaven on earth
  • Empowering others by inspiring and enabling those we feed to “taste” the holy as well
  • An astounding way to discern your most powerful, personal meal prayer
  • Gratitude as the most direct path to fulfillment and God
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I have never participated in a program that I felt so drawn to, and which made me want to just watch it over and over again. For over 15 years I was passionate about discovering the secrets to life, and have studied from over a hundred teachers around the world.

When I first found Food: A Love Story, I was not even sure what it was, I just felt that it had something I really needed. Then once it began, I was in total awe as every lesson unfolded and I found out this was about so much more than just food! This was everything I needed to know but could not find anywhere else.

Maureen's enlightening presence is contagious. Something touched my heart every time she told one of her stories. Sometimes when I feel drained at my desk at work, I put on my earphones and just listen to Maureen in the background. Those who are ready will find their way to Maureen, and will thank God for it. I recommend the Food: A Love Story program to everyone who seeks the path to the greatest version of themselves.

Angela Yeung

Maureen teaches the direct experience of her heart & soul. Her every word extends integrity & wholeness! 

I just took this class because I thought it might be fun… it was fun and so much more! I felt I received a direct communication from Spirit that had immediate applications in my circumstance. Food: A Love Story has refreshed & sharpened my every day tools of Love. One of my favorite parts of the class were Maureen's stories & anecdotes. They are always engaging and enlightening!

I have been a meditation teacher for 40 years. Maureen offered a new meditation technique in this class that I never knew about. Maureen is the genuine article, the real deal & it shines through her every word, smile & gesture! I love Maureen. Her classes just offer Perfect Love. That seems enough to say.

Therese Quinn
Meditation and Spiritual Teacher

This course went beyond my expectations. What integrity, wholeness, and true healing of the highest order Maureen brings to each and every class.

I am deeply touched by the personal response and interest Maureen has shown me in this course. I feel seen, heard and worthy of attention.

As a person who had struggled with disordered eating and with varying manifestations of that off and on for many years, Maureen’s work has touched me profoundly, as a deeper, richer approach to healing on all levels. Not just treating the disordered eating, but definitely including that, I was able to delve deep into the root causes of this problem to see how to better relate to myself and to life. 

Maureen shares her lovely wisdom about food on a practical plane, but she also uses food as a metaphor and shows us how focusing our awareness on our true identity, our truly lovely nature, is the source of our greatest nourishment, and the key to a full-filling life.
I cannot thank Maureen enough for her life's journey and her passion to share the light!

Wendy Rossmo
Yoga Teacher and Artist

Food: A Love Story is a sure way to experience a truly miraculous relationship to food! In fact, we were surprised to find the universal truth of A Course in Miracles infused in all aspects of the course. We were also surprised to see how easily the concepts around awareness with food apply so perfectly with living life on the planet while spiritually awakening.

Maureen has a unique perspective and gift for passing on understanding, joy, and peace that is unparalleled. She has an amazing ability to intuit the needs of the class participants and a great depth of knowledge and insight. Although her knowledge obviously runs deep, she is easy to understand and always inspiring in her energy and presentation.

Maureen is a gifted teacher and communicator. She has a passion for the material and connects beautifully with others. She has put together a truly enjoyable and deeply effective course that will immensely enhance anyone's relationship to food, life, and spirituality.

Tim Maynard
Project Manager

I came to these Food: A Love Story course sessions with some curiosity and an open mind, but I did not expect to receive so much from them. First and most of all, Maureen has an exceptional enlightenment, and this allows her to understand people’s situations and shed light on things that might be confusing otherwise. Her vibrancy and Spirit shines through all she says, and uplifts and supports you in the process.

It was a big ah-ha moment for me when Maureen illustrated the difference between making and creating food. Had I heard this from anyone before, it would have changed my entire family experience and would have added so much joy in my daily life.

Maureen puts food into a sacred perspective and offers a higher understanding. After taking this class, I cannot look at food any longer without feeling the sacred and blessings around it.

Maureen is all about Love. Love permeates what she says and how she says it, and everyone who listens to her feels this beautiful energy emanating from her to reach them. I feel blessed to have been part of this class. It added so much hope and human warmth to my life. It gave me a taste of heaven.

I am more energized, more in tune with my soul and heart. My will to be loving has expended.

I see myself now as a result of the course as more awake and aware of my soul. I see myself as a creative being who is being gifted with life on earth to play and be happy. I worry less. I enjoy life more!

Bernadette Yasso

After experiencing Food: A Love Story I feel more connection to the planet with a renewed sense of purpose. Each week of the course built upon the last, and the final week brought them all to a level I didn’t expect and felt surprised and blessed to experience. I love the quotes and resources, and I especially appreciated the meditations.

While I have known many of these concepts, it was mostly in my head before. Now I use what I've learned in my life and they are not just in my mind but in my heart, thanks to the tools Maureen gave us. Now I LOVE myself without conditions and, as a side benefit, I enjoy food even more now. Taking the time to make eating a beautiful event, and to connect with it, all feels enriching and fulfilling.

I feel this class would serve anyone, most especially those who have been traveling a path to enlightenment, and mindful living. They will find this class particularly valuable since it really brings those ideas to life. Those very things always seemed evasive to me, like I might experience them some day, but there was no real substance to them for me. Now I love feeling like I live this kind of enlightened life on a day-to-day basis, and as a result I feel a deep sense of fulfillment and grace.

This course has what other teachers, movies and books, can't even touch. Maureen imparts wisdom like no one I've ever known, in a way that is so easy to understand and use in every day life.

Lisa Hauser
Registered Nurse

I was so in awe of how much time and energy Maureen put into this program, something almost unheard of in this day and age. I can’t say enough about the course content.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into the experience. I knew the course had to do with health and weight management but what I realized through this experience is that when you are truly in alignment with your divine self, you don't need to diet at all! You naturally become your healthiest self, including weight. This class gave me a new outlook on appreciation and gratitude. Now I naturally feel appreciation for the smallest things that you don't often think about – what it took to get this wonderful food to your plate; the people, the work, the love, the care...

What I loved most about this class is that I found you can expand the concepts taught in it to everything in this life. Taking the time to pay attention to look around, absorb, and appreciate all that there is, all that we have, and then applying that kind of love and attention to ones self is truly liberating.

This course exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to have been a part of it and look forward to carrying with me all that I learned today and always. I don't feel alone anymore. Your class gave me the gift of hope and faith.

Some of my most important and profound takeaways include:

Learning to meditate effectively. I appreciate that I can listen to your meditations at my own leisure, as I love them.

Looking at food differently, I am no longer interested in eating mindlessly.

And hope that anything is possible.

Maureen is a wonderful instructor/teacher/facilitator who puts her whole self into this endeavor... she is truly a sincerely loving person with a goal to share what she knows, to bring others along to experience profound liberation.

Diane Lynn

My experience of food: A Love Story was one of finding community and love. It helped me expand my awareness exponentially. As a result of this experience, I also see that because we eat many times a day, I can use food as a mindfulness practice and enrich my spiritual life as a result. I have not always been mindful when I eat, but now I am much, much more so. It is a profound path to awakening and one often overlooked.

Listening to Maureen I got a new view of my self as a holy child of God. I now have an awareness of my soul in a visceral way, one that awakens each time I eat.

Maureen is awesome and enthusiastic and real. She was my absolute favorite part of this class. I can't get enough of her. Her perspective and her call to arms is irresistible. She fills me with love and joy whenever I am in her presence. I feel, as members of the Food: A Love Story community, we are so lucky to be in community with awakening and soulful people. Those who seek to grow spiritually. In my experience it is rare to find such people in life, yet Maureen attracts them naturally.

In many ways I have struggled with my relationship with food, seeing it as fuel, calories, taste and smell, gourmet cooking and using it for solace when I am sad or lonely. I know now that food is a gateway to my soul and a more fulfilling experience of life. I am aware that I have been denying myself gifts of love and awareness by my relationship with food to date, and that change has enriched my life.

I see myself now as a result of the Food: A Love Story course as more awake, and aware of my soul. Food for me is now a gateway to love and connection to my soul, it was absolutely not that way before the course.

I especially loved the meditation and the chakra opening parts of the class, and discovering how something as simple as your daily bread can be a true pathway to higher consciousness that provides a deepening of self love.

I would love for everyone I know to take this class to become awake and to be happy and whole, as it is a true call to awakening through food. I highly recommend Food: A Love Story to anyone who is serious about their evolution as a soul on planet earth.

Nola Masterson
CEO/Venture Capitalist

This outstanding course is led by a superior spiritual teacher who I find is much more easily understood and accessible than most all other spiritual teachers.

I rate this class a 10 out of 10 - the best!

I love Maureen’s "being" and how she offers all she has to give so generously. I love how she uses "food" and self-care as the entry point to practicing spiritual tools and deepening a spiritual life to give way beyond what is expected.

The course sessions were excellent. It was great to have such in-depth Q&As. Through this class I deepened my spiritual practices around food, and in my life as well.

I had experienced a shift around food just recently which is what drew me to this class, and listening to the calls reinforced everything I needed to experience my shift on a deeper level. In my opinion, even if I listened to this course material every day, I would always learn something new and the wisdom imparted would still always be helpful.

Maureen not only has a helpful (enlightening!) perspective, but a gift for passing on understanding, joy and peace. She has put together a truly enjoyable and deeply effective course that will immensely enhance your relationship to food, life, and spirituality.

Anyone and everyone could benefit from this course actually - it doesn't matter whether you have food "issues" or not, because it's just an entry point into greater awareness.

Robyn Vogel
MA, LMHC Counselor

This course was obviously FAR more expansive than food!!!! 🙂
Much better than I could have ever imagined.

Maureen teaches the direct experience of her heart & soul.

Her every word extends integrity and wholeness! Maureen has so much to share and this class offers incredible things to learn not just about food, but about fully awakening to all of life.

Lynn Clifford
Equestrian Life Coach
Dean Ornish, M.D. Dean Ornish, M.D., Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, and Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Every religious tradition describes the ‘still, small voice within’ that speaks clearly but quietly. When we listen to our inner wisdom, we tend to choose foods and ways of living that are more healthful, as Soul-Full Eating describes.

Dr. Darren R. Weissman Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Author, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

Maureen helps people awaken to the simple but life changing choices we all have when it comes to living a healthy and passionate life. She is a bright beacon of practical wisdom!

Susan Smith Jones, PhD Susan Smith Jones, PhD, Author, The Healing Power of NatureFoods and Be Healthy-Stay Balanced

Evocative, lush and deeply humane, Soul-Full Eating is a testament to the transforming power of listening to our body’s wisdom, our hearts and most importantly to our Souls.

Practical and immediately usable, I highly recommend it!

Donna Eden and David Feinstein Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Authors, Energy Medicine

Food is energy. When you absolutely love what you are eating, when your food resonates with your Soul’s hunger, an uplifting energy infuses you that is as important as the vitamins the food contains. This book brings soul to the ways you nourish your body.

Dr. Gabriela Cora M.D. Dr. Gabriela Cora M.D., Best-selling Author, Alpha Female

Life changing! Maureen addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your life.

Mark Victor Hansen Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, New York Times #1 Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul

Outstanding! This book will fill you with Soul.

Candace Pert Candace Pert, Author, Molecules of Emotion: The Scientific Basis Behind Mind-Body Medicine and Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d

I love this book! I’m vowing to put it on my bed stand and read it every night.

Denise Linn Denise Linn, Author, The Soul Loves the Truth and Four Acts of Personal Power

Maureen’s splendid book, Soul-Full Eating, is an absolute joy! It is filled with valuable information that can turn your meals into peak spiritual experiences. I recommend it!

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Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community!
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