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“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”   

– Maya Angelou

Share and amplify your Food: A Love Story experience with

the Supremely Soul-Full Membership Package

There is a Soul-satisfying sanctity inherent in supporting another on their path to liberation...

Food has the extraordinary power to unite us with others and nurture our connection to the Divine. Most likely you have already experienced this for yourself while sharing a meal. The only thing more extraordinary and deeply Soul-satisfying than partaking in delicious food is sharing that food with others. Gathered around a meal, experiencing it with kindred spirits, is the perfect place to cultivate Sacred relationships and inevitably discover the true essence of ourselves. In much the same way, by upgrading your Food: A Love Story Package to a Supremely Soul-Full Membership, you will receive the gift of giving.

When you purchase a Supremely Soul-Full Membership in the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community, you automatically get a second Core Membership to either share with a friend or loved one OR to sponsor a scholarship for someone in need.  As soon as you upgrade by clicking the YES! button below, you will be directed to a form asking who you would like your Gift-Scholarship to go to.

We are currently setting up partnerships with several organizations working with people with addictions, eating disorders and other food-related illnesses. If you choose to be a sponsor, the primary candidates for your scholarship will be members and patients of these organizations. We also invite anyone unable to pay for the program to apply for a scholarship. In this case, recipients will be determined based on the need and commitment demonstrated in their applications. 

The following is an example of one such worthy Supremely Soul-Full Gift-Scholarship applicant:

“My name is Bak K. Ko, a CUNY student in New York. I discovered your website while I was looking for ways to help promote healthy eating in my community and am interested in applying to your scholarship program. As an undergraduate, I founded a culinary health club which aims to educate and teach college students to lead a healthier lifestyle. Currently in its fourth year, it has grown from my nurture with new student leaders and partner organizations. Through culinary classes, informational sessions and guest speakers, my hope is to bring about a generation of students who are more conscious about their diet and eating habits. One major annual event I’ve established is a healthy foods buffet featuring healthy versions of food from all over the world. Collaborating with different cultural clubs, we expose the student body to healthy food from different parts of the world with the food’s history and nutritional facts and even prizes to encourage participation! Why am I interested in this, you might ask? Research has shown that many common diseases such as diabetes and cancer can be prevented (or are at least at lower risk) with a more stringent diet away from unhealthy foods. As a fellow advocate of eating for a healthier body, I feel I can learn more by becoming a part of this program. In addition to being a student, I’m also an aspiring physician and my goal is to practice while encouraging people to maintain their best health. Not only will this program be educational for me with its recipes and educational emails, it will also benefit those who I outreach or will outreach in the future. I hope to spread the wealth of knowledge that your program will bring!”

Bak knows that the value of sharing is immeasurable. She knows that striving to do your best to ensure that everyone, everywhere is nourished starts with the grace of communion with others. Helping committed people like Bak receive full access to the Food: A Love Story Online Community and Program is sure to have far-reaching effects for countless others, exponentially brightening this planet we live on.

There is a holy part innate to every breathing being. Helping another to discover that essential part of themselves brings it more evidently to life in you.
Consider amplifying the grace in your life by saying YES! to a
Supremely Soul-Full Membership Package today.

But that isn't all. We want to show you how much we appreciate you sharing the love...

When you upgrade to a Supremely Soul-Full Membership now, you will get ALL the benefits included in the Core Membership for yourself AND an additional Core Membership to give to a person of your choice for just one single payment of $597 (that's a $197 discount on your membership!). ALSO, as a special thank you, you will receive four exclusive bonus gifts IN ADDITION to all the bonuses included in the Core Membership Package! These added gifts are only for Supremely Soul-Full Members.

As a Supremely Soul-Full Member
You Are Entitled to These Exclusive Bonuses:

BONUS (Supremely Soul-Full Member Exclusive!): A Private One-to-One Coaching Session with Maureen (A $575 Value)

This Experience Is Not Available Anywhere Else.
The first step to getting healthy and whole is finding the support you need. A mentor who you can trust and connect with, who listens deeply to you, encourages you and empowers you, is key. With the help of an experienced guide, you can immediately clear up even the most tenacious and long-standing obstacles.

Maureen has a waitlist for personal clients, and individuals typically have to apply well in advance in order to work with her. With this bonus you will have the one of a kind opportunity to by-pass that waiting period and spend direct time with Maureen on a personal call via phone or Skype.

During this one-to-one call, Maureen can help you transform challenge into choice, obstacles into opportunities and trials into triumph. She will jump-start your ability to clearly see the miraculous in what appears to be the mundane of your life. If you find yourself grappling with any issue - be it weight loss, unfulfilling relationships or paralyzing beliefs - Maureen can help you liberate yourself from them.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Open-minded, supportive discussion
  • Undivided attention
  • Deep respect and honoring
  • The benefit of Maureen's 20+ years of counseling experience
  • Liberating inspiration
  • Accountability to help you reach your goals to live your best life

Maureen's personal, undivided attention and experience-based wisdom will be wholly devoted to you during this one-to-one session, enabling you to overcome any issues - food related or not - and kickstarting your journey to wholeness. Imagine what your life could be like with that kind of motivating and enlightening guidance.

BONUS (Supremely Soul-Full Member Exclusive!): Food: A Love Story Audio Book
(A $67 Value)

With Narration By Maureen Whitehouse
You will experience the Soul-piercing exchange between Kate and her mentor in an entirely new way when you listen to this unabridged version of Food: A Love Story. Read aloud by the author herself, the warm-hearted yet fiercely direct dialogue of this poignant story is bound to move you. Listen and you will learn that what we all crave most, to the inmost core of our being, is love.

BONUS (Supremely Soul-Full Member Exclusive!): Soul-Full Eating eBook

Eat with Love What's Grown with Love, Prepared with Love
and Served with Love
This is a downloadable eBook version of Soul-Full Eating, A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness, the preeminent resource on eco-spiritual nutrition. Soul-Full Eating combines nutrition and spirituality to guide you along a delicious and rejuvenating, Soul-satisfying path. It’s one based on the love of food that anyone – no matter their faith, religion or personal philosophy – can follow. And now you can carry this phenomenal resource anywhere  you go on mobile electronic devices, like E-readers and smart phones!

Take this journey to consciousness, if you would like to:

  • Make simple, dynamic changes in the way you select, prepare and eat food that will increase your vibrancy and personal energy 
  • Deepen your spiritual connection on a daily basis
  • Learn the ins and outs of a variety of alternative diets — including Raw Foods, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Food Combining and the “new” Kosher
  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge about weight loss that promotes self-love along with dropped pounds
  • Use food to stimulate the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal

BONUS (Supremely Soul-Full Member Exclusive!): The Soul-Full Eating Retreat at Stillheart Video, Produced for PBS (A $97 Value)

An Exclusive Glimpse into One of Maureen's Revelatory Workshops
Recorded for a PBS TV special, this 90 minute video captures a very unique Soul-Full Eating Retreat lead by Maureen for an elite group of female visionaries – some of the world’s most important movers and shakers in business and industry. In viewing this video you feel just as if you were there, being entertained and enlightened alongside these extraordinary individuals. You will even catch a stunning glimpse of the majestic redwood forests surrounding the Stillheart Retreat Center in Northern California where this event took place. (The only thing missing in this sensory-rich experience are the delicious meals that were served!)

BONUS: New Release! Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse (A $297 Value)

Be Clear, Cleansed and Conscious in 7 Days
You will find all the tools you need in this comprehensive cleansing manual to harness the power of Spirit to turn your life around physically, mentally and emotionally. The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse is an essential day-by-day map that outlines exactly how to get healthy, flush out toxins and create a balanced lifestyle that lasts. It is safe and powerful for all people in any stage of life, and can be worked into even the busiest schedules. Whether you are looking to lose weight, enhance your spiritual development or just feel more healthy on a daily basis, the invaluable information contained in this cleanse (including activities, meditations and lots of delicious, healthy recipes) can help you do it. Strengthen your Spirit, clear your mind and purify your body... All in the span of one week!

BONUS: Breathe Deep MP3

The Secret to Losing Weight and Firming Your Belly Just by Breathing
In this beautiful MP3 recording, Maureen imparts an ancient meditation for cleansing the body's “power center”, which she learned from Buddhist monks while on a pilgrimage in Tibet. If this center, located at our third chakra (the belly), is out of balance or working improperly, we experience problems such as: persistent digestive troubles and even ulcers, lack of energy or the willpower to complete our goals, blaming other people for our problems, a constant need to win coupled with the inability to be a team player, trouble with establishing healthy boundaries for ourselves and the inability to say no.

With this meditation you will not only have an easier time of eating what is uniquely perfect for you in just the right amounts, but you will also feel empowered to live the miraculous life you have always deserved to live. Once you learn this technique you will want to practice it every day.

BONUS: The 30 Day Food: A Love Story Email Program (A $67 Value)

Daily Guidance and Inspiration Delivered Right to Your Inbox
At the core of this comprehensive online program and community is Maureen’s book Food: A Love Story. When you enroll as a member in the program, this transformative 30-day parable is utilized as a course text. The dialogue therein between Kate, the main character of the story, and her mentor – an unassuming spiritual master – serve as the backbone of the 7 week course, and will help guide the deeper discussions that Maureen facilitates each week.

Now with this special bonus, you have the option of getting every chapter of Food: A Love Story delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. This convenient option allows you to choose your own starting date – before, during or even after the 7-week course with Maureen – so you can savor this profound wisdom in palatable, bite-size morsels at a time that best suites you and your schedule. Then, like a voyeur, you will travel the journey to wholeness right alongside Kate, learning from her wise mentor just as she does and applying each of her revelations to your own life day-by-day.  Accompanying each daily chapter, just like in the book, you will also receive a brief reading or “Something to Chew On” that drives home that day’s lesson, as well as a “Soul-Full Eating Exercise” that will encourage you to immediately put to practice what you have learned.

BONUS: Special Report, 5 Ways to Eat Anything (Even Junk Food) to Lose Weight

An Eye-Opening Read, with Steps You Can Implement Immediately
It’s True! You can eat anything – including forbidden "junk foods” like snack cakes and chips – to lose weight. This grounded, profoundly impactful Special Report from Maureen examines a surprising scholarly study to help put your own eating habits into perspective. It addresses five ways to give up the guilt that keeps you feeling weighed down and defeated, and reveals exactly how you can eat the foods you love without gaining any unwanted excess weight. Love yourself no matter what's on your plate!

BONUS: Special Report, The Seven Most Intelligent Foods

Food For Thought – Literally!
We often think about food as nourishing to the body, but have you considered that food is also irreplaceable in nourishing the mind? In this report you will discover the 7 foods that can promote an alert, focused and present state of mind (along with a few that you should consider leaving off your plate to maximize brain power). When incorporated into your daily diet, these foods can afford you peak performance in all circumstances – whether it's being bright in the classroom, quick on your feet in a business meeting or more present and aware at home around the ones you love.

Upgrade to a Supremely Soul-Full Membership now for just one single payment of $597. Remember, this upgrade includes ALL the exclusive bonuses listed above, INCLUDING the Core Package bonuses. You will also receive an additional Core Membership to give to a person of your choice!

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