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Our Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community is private and designed for motivated people like you who are committed to living their best life. It is a safe place to both receive and give. You will get ideas, share your breakthroughs and revelations, and find like-minded fellow journeyers with whom you can discuss various aspects of the course. This page outlines our expectations for all Food: A Love Story community members throughout the 7 week program in order to maintain this as a positive, sacred space.

By participating in the Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community, you agree to:

1. Have fun, engage, develop friendships and be accountable. This program and our forum is about community. The more you embrace this, the more you will personally get out of the experience.

2. Share your own personal journey and experiences as they relate to the lessons we are currently engaged in within the program.

3. Be courteous and speak kindly of all. Keep your attention on your own journey and your own process of transformation first and foremost. Offer encouragement feely to others along with your full support, and please refrain from offering advice and opinions. Any blatantly offensive comments or outright negativity will not be tolerated and will forfeit your inclusion in the group. Here we play nicely!

4. Be 100% accountable for your own journey and wellbeing throughout the program. Although this is a highly transformative experience, it is not a substitute for integrative personal therapy or private coaching in the areas you feel you need it most. If you find yourself experiencing difficult emotions or any overwhelming challenge, transition or change that is hard to manage on your own, you are asked to seek additional support rather than posting about such intense experiences on the forum. If at any time you feel the need for a personal coach or private session, feel free to contact us.

5. Honor the confidentiality of your fellow course participants. Our utmost agreed upon intention is to relate to others only in ways that build respect, confidence, trust and appreciation. We all agree to honor the brave vulnerability of those who share with us here. While engaged in the forum and beyond, we agree to never reveal the identity of another participant or duplicate their postings without the written permission of the author of the post.

6. Abstain from all substances, such as alcohol or unprescribed drugs, while you are actively participating in the forum, or in our Live Course Sessions. Maureen also highly recommends that you refrain from the use of drugs/alcohol entirely for the duration of the program. You want to be entirely present for this experience!

7. Vow to realize your own individual importance and the effect you can have on others. You are more significant than you think! Your presence (even while silent) can generate greater love, cohesion, safety and joy for the collective participants of the Food: A Love Story program. Never underestimate your power to foster the learning of the group as you honor the above-mentioned agreements.

Thank you for your willingness, love and presence!

Tips for Good Forum Etiquette

If you have any doubts as to whether or not a post is acceptable, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be mindful when posting. When you start a new thread, please be sure to put it in the appropriate section of the forum. Admin reserves the right to delete or move a topic posted to an inappropriate forum.
  • Before you post a question to the forums, please search the forums to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Be specific when asking questions. Vague questions are difficult to answer effectively. When posting a question, especially those seeking help or assistance, please try to be as specific as possible.
  • Give back! Don’t forget to thank those who help you with words of encouragement and recognition when you need it most. Do reach out to others in the community by sharing experiences that they may find helpful and resonate with.
  • Please find the most relevant forum, topic or thread to post your questions and responses in, and then post it only once. Do not put the same question in multiple forums or threads.
  • If you encounter a post by a member that violates any of the rules above, please report the issue rather than accelerating any unconscious or inappropriate behavior by responding in kind.
  • Humor can be misinterpreted, especially in writing, without the benefit of non-verbal cues. Also, humor can differ across cultures. What’s humorous to one person may be offensive or misconstrued by another. So be aware of this as you engage in lighthearted and joyous conversation while using discretion. Take all humorous posts with the spirit for which it was intended. When in doubt, the use of LOLs and smiles helps to convey when you are genuinely trying to be funny.
  • Refrain from typing in all caps, which is considered by most to be yelling and also makes posts difficult to read. The rule of thumb is that typing in all caps is considered to be rude and/or irritating.


In order for the Food: A Love Story forum to be an enjoyable experience for all members, it is important that everyone observes the above guidelines. We hold the right to enforce the above rules in a variety of ways, including deleting a post or thread if for any reason we find it to be inappropriate. 

Anything you post becomes the property of Maureen Whitehouse and the Axiom Institute and you agree that your name or likeness may potentially be posted later by the Axiom Institute in any venue.

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